Sharki bow thruster

Rosario Romano <rosario.romano50@...>

Hello everyone,

thank you for accepting me in the Group.

My name is Rosario Romano, I am Italian and happy owner of “FINALMENTE’ 1989 Amel Sharki no 173.

I am coming out from 18 months shipyard works for masts repainting, new rigging, new holding tank, new wc and general maintenance.

I have just put the boat back in the water and unfortunately I found the bow thruster stuck in its top position. It is a model Bison of “Propulseur d’etrave Martin”.

Apparently there are no longer spare parts available and the company disappeared. I have written to Amel Med, but the secretary is on holiday. I hope in a answer in two weeks time.

I wonder if some other "Amelien" or "Sharkien" can help with experience, information and whatever you can provide.

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