Question and advise

asm283 <no_reply@...>


The 24V plug for the dingy inflator in the lazarette is not getting
any power. I know there must be a breaker that has tripped. However, I
cannot find where this is. can anyone help?

I you have not had the pleasure of cleaning/replacing the outlet hose
of the head. Here is a little tip to make it easier.

When you remove the hose it is best to disconnect the head end first,
let it drain. Then if you look at were the hose connects on to the
holding tank you will see the smaller head outlet hose going into a
larger hose that is attached to the holding tank. It is much easier
and neater if you disconnect the larger hose where it is attached to
the holding tank and pull the hose out from the top. I have done it
both ways and this is much easier.






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