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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Hi Barb

I think you need to try to divide the problem up into two parts the linear actuator mechanism together with relays as well as raising and lowering the bow thruster, enables and disables the actual bow thruster motor so after checking the obvious such as fuses etc as Bill mentioned then you want to establish that in fact it is is not just a linear actuator issue. Whether you do this or you get an electrician will depend on your confidence with electrics. But in principle if you can get the bow thruster into the down position by disengaging the lifting mechanism there are just two wires that come from the actual bow thruster mechanism that need to be connected together to enable the actual bow thruster – these are low current wires that enable the large relays associated with the powerful bow thruster motor and work together with the joy stick mechanism to determine which way the motor turns (for port and starboard thrust) . So once the bow thruster is down if you can identify the two wires by following them back from the linear actuator control box – I am not on my boat so I can’t remember exactly where they pass – but as far as I recall there are two wires that obviously go to the pin switch, a collection of around 10 wires that go back to the up / down switches and buzzer in the cockpit and two more wires that go to the bow thruster relay / control – it is these last two wires that you want to identify and in the linear actuator control box disconnect from the control circuit and connect together.

Once you are confident that you have these if you connect these together and have the main circuit breaker for the bow thruster on, you should be able to activate the bow thruster using the joystick – if the bow thruster does wotk then you have eliminated a large part of the problem and what I did then was rigged up a handy billy to lift the bow thuster up and down until  I sorted the linear actuator issue. The linear actuator mechanism I suspect you can get from Amel – Amel sent me the wrong motor for the linear actuator – I think while Maud was on maternity leave – so I got mine direct from but with Maud back you might be able to get the motor, motor + actuator + switches all from Amel.

if this does not work then it is likely you have a bow thruster motor or relay problem – which I am afraid I don’t know much about – but I guess I would start by looking a brushes, etc

Hope this helps

Andrew & Kate

SM 472 Canet-en-Roussillon

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Hi Bill,

Well it is definitely not caused by 1 or 3.

I haven't been to the boat for 2 yrs now - though systems were being checked while I was away.

Paul purchased the boat 3 yrs ago in Australia (Brisbane)

You may recall we just had so many problems and Paul lost interest - new Cdrive - new motor (only 8 hrs on it in 2 yrs).

We had the bowthruster serviced just prior to leaving Mooloolaba for Gold Coast 2 yrs ago and it hasn't been anywhere since.

I am trying once again to get it together!!!

Will check every point you have raised tomorrow morning.

Thank you again.


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