Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Vetus coupling


Bill, if you look up"replacing rubber bushes in vetus unit on engine output shaft"
posted by Eutikia on Thursday 5th April 2012 you will see an attached posting from Danny on Ocean Pearl.
Danny has written a very detailed explanation of what is involved in replacing
the bushes in the coupler.
The gearboxes normally fitted to the Yanmar 100 HP are Hurth ZF25 2.8R which would would be different to whatever was fitted originally to your boat, as I guess it had a Volvo TMD 22 engine. You current gearbox may be different due to the 110HP Yanmar.
The Vetus coupler is a standard part and I would think that Bill Rouse will likely have the part number.
I would be well worth checking the condition of the gearbox seawater cooled heat exchanger and gear box fluid, as there will have been a lot of heat generated during the period of vibration.
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