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On my boat asm 2000 # 283 the intake side of the muffler is 90mm and
the exaust is 75mm. I tried to retrofit a vetus but I did not like
the way it fit into the engine room. The main problem was the intake
side only swiveled to 90 degrees. I ordered a replacement from
Amel. I am in New Zealand so the choices I had may not be as good as
what you can get in Europe.

Good luck

Vito Ciaravino

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I want to change my (coroded) satinless steel muffler to a Vetus
The engine is Volvo/Perkins TMD 22 P
Unfortunately I forgot measuring the diameter of the exhaust elbow,
when I was maintainig the boat in Greece, two weeks ago.

Can anyone tell me the size? Or even better the model number of the
recomended Vetus type and any installation tips.

By the way, maintainig the turbo was easy to do, and the turbo was
filled up with carbon and coroded.

Gottschalk Riegel

SM #300

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