Eumenia Mini 5500 Dishwasher Parts


Does anyone know where to buy parts for the Eumenia Mini 5500 dishwashers? 

I've bought parts in the past from this email address in Austria (ersatzteile@...), but I've made several attempts to contact them with no response.  I don't get an "undeliverable" message, just no response. 

I found a yacht dealer in NZ (Challenge Yachts) who sold new 5500 dishwashers for a while, but no parts.  They told me they are out of stock for new ones, and have no plans to obtain any more.  They gave me the last source they'd had (krystkova.jana@...), but I get no response from that address either.

I even tried to contact Eaton in the UK, who made the part originally, but got no response from them either.

Has anyone had better luck than I have?


Steve Constantine
s/v Summer Love
Hull# 340

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