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Craig Briggs

Hi Andy,
I'm about to install the AC42N using a Raymarine Type II 12v drive - (same as the original). Your post suggests that won't work, although B&G's US system's engineer did the specs for my order.
I am quite sure the only difference between the AC12N and AC42N, other than the current limits, is the AC12N allows for switching a hydraulic solenoid and the AC42N does not - is that what you needed the extra relay for? Both units use pulse code modulation to vary the motor speed (turn rate) in accordance with their steering algorithms - that is, they are variable speed,  not two speed units.
What type of drive do you have? Is it 12v or 24v?  And what is that add-on relay doing? Guess I'm not really understanding what the problem was - don't want to get into same thing myself, so any help would be appreciated. (Btw, I couldn't find your picture - where is it?)
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Hi Charles,
thanks for your feedback.
We installed a B&G system using Triton and Zeus range.
We choose the Triton Pilot controller computer with the High current add on pack ( AC42N computer) - we had difficulty marrying he systems.
We now know that the computer is for a two speed rotary drive , however the old unit we have is only one speed, hence calibration always failed. We solved this by adding an additional relay.
In retrospect, we should have chosen the LOW current pack computer pack - which only has a single speed - the same as the original rotary drive.
If you can, I have been advised to keep the original rotary drive, as they are bullet proof,  "they don't make em like that anymore." 
I have attached an image for your reference.
Trust the above is helpful

Fair winds
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