Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Eumenia Mini 5500 Dishwasher Parts


Hi Leo,

If you go to and download ET_GS 5005_5500.pdf, (Eudora Soba Geschirrspuler 5005/5500), you'll find on Seite 4 and Seite 5 (Tafel 2), "Pos in Tafel" 8 is a Programmt.Eaton M 5500 with ArtikelNr 034015.  That's where I found that part number, but I have no idea if that's how it's still identified or listed on their website.  It could be that timer is no longer made and the replacement has a different part number.  Those same pages also show a different program timer (Programmt. Siemens Mini 5005, with ArtikelNr 034000).  What's odd is that the serial number on my dishwasher is 5.384.754, which is higher than any of the serial numbers listed on that pdf.  It could be that this pdf is an older one for earlier vintage dishwashers.

The part number and info stamped on my program timer is: EC 4692.01 A 01  220/240V 50HZ T.70   6-00-36.

Please let me know what they tell you on Monday, but also please don't spend a lot of your own time trying to track this down for me.  I've spent a lot of time already and there's no guarantee the part even exists any longer.

Many thanks,

Steve Constantine
s/v Summer Love
SMM #340



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