Re: Original Rotary Drive with New Autopilot




I expect Andy is referring to the NECO drive from the Maramu so your Raymarine is probably a lot simpler to connect.




I have thought about the same change but the NECO is still going so I haven't put anew computer on yet but would really like to connect the Simrad (same as the BandG). I see you seem to being saying the AC12N is the easiest unit to use but is its current capacity enough? Any help you can give with the wiring changes needed on the drive unit would be fantastic!


If don't have a proper understanding but sort of figure the static magnetic field in the motor is produced by a shunt and a series coil. The problem comes with reversing the direction as the current needs to be reversed on the series coil which is in series with the armature. So the motor wiring in the box has to be changed so that when the opposite rotation direction is needed the armature stays the same polarity but the series coil is reversed. This is getting way over my head and I may have got it all wrong. 


The other thing I'm not sure about, is that modern computers can activate either clutch or solenoid but some models only do one (maybe bigger ones designed mainly for hydraulic steering systems?). Which one is needed for the NECO or are both?


Any more clarity you can give would be great because I have just got confused and don't have a suitable electrical engineer to help.



John, Maramu #91



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