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Olivier Beaute

Good evening Paul,

the last SMs (2000, from 2005) were weighted 15.3 tons empty (light displacement) which means without water, fuel and optionnal equipments (watermaker, extra batteries and charger, extra sails, extra electronics, extra awnings, etc..).
With all these equipments , water, fuel, your safety gear and personnal items, the total weight should not be above 20 tons. Above that, your SM will suffer overloading, which mainly means less speed and changes in the stability.
The SM and AMEL 54 are rather light, compared to the HR. This is due to the way their structure is built (cellular construction, stringers and bulkheads bonded to hull and deck).

Don't overload your boat with useless equipments (additional fuel tank...)


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I’m wonder if someone has weighted an Amel Super Maramu when putting it on hard standing or similar? According to the Amel brochure the weight is 14 ton “empty” and 16 ton loaded. To me this looks very low, some comparison
HR 53                                            23 ton
Najad 520                                    20 ton
Oyster 485                                   17 ton
Oyster 51                                     21.7 ton
Sweden Yacht 42                        12 ton
All of the above are probably “empty” weight as very few builders give any other figure than empty boat.
I’m very curious what’s the real weight is

Paul on S/Y Kerpa

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