Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Weight/displacement

Paul Osterberg

Thank you all
20 ton loaded sounds to my experience more reasonable, and I agree it's easy to overload. We are currently clearing off all our belongings after have sold our house. We have lived together for almost 30 years and collect fare to many things most of the not necessary at all, now we only save a few things for memory and some useful items for our kids which they could have use for when starting a family. 
We are currently loading a few (3) pallets with the remaining gears that we think we have use for under an undefined numbers of years aboard our Amel SM, at least half of it for the boat, tools, spare parts, outboard motor, ropes, etc cruising books, old classic books I never had time read, our cloth, guitar, and some household goods, all in all probably close to 1 ton of goods, My first thought was that one pallet would be enough, but now it looks as it will be three full pallets??????. In the worst case I have to throw away some items when loading the boat and find I have brought to much "nice to have" which I today consider need to have. I'm just entering the beginning of the learning curve of living aboard and cruising 
Paul on S/Y Kerpa

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