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If your boat has both 110vAC and 220vAC,
Put the galvanic isolator on the shore side of the switch that chooses generator power over shore power.  On Kristy SM243, 110vAC goes to a panel on the forward engine room bulkhead where you have to choose 110 or 220 v AC.  There is a circuit breaker there for the 110 input line.  110 then goes thru a 110-220 transformer, then goes back to the panel where you choose 110 or 220 input.  From there, 220 from either source goes to the automatic switch that selects generator over shore power.  220 shore power goes to the panel on the forward engine room bulkhead, then to the automatic switch (on SMs its above the generator).
If you put your isolator on the 220 common shore power it will protect from either 110 or 220vAC shore power faults.  The 110-220 transformer is the only equipment that will be on the shore power ground.  All other AC equipment should be grounded to the boat side of the transformer.

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After all discussions I will install a galvanic separation ( electronic, no transformer ) in the ground ( land)wire just behind the connector to the boat.
Is it possible to prevent damage from higher voltage by installing APC Surge Protector ?

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