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Olivier Beaute

Hello Duane,

the gearbox oil is probably going out through the heat exchanger. This is a tube where two hoses coming from the gearbox are connected.
To investigate, you could try to fill your gearbox with new oil, start your engine (you don't need to engage forward) and see if oil is coming out of the engine wet exhaust output. It will leave a spreading oil stain on the water.
If so, the cure is to have the exchanger repaired or replaced. This is a known piece of hardware.
Once repaired, make sure there is no water standing at the bottom of the gearbox, pump it thoroughly through the filter casing.

Good luck.


On Sunday, May 3, 2015 6:34 PM, "sailor63109@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

We're new Amel owners, and on our first outing the transmission (ZF Hurth Model ZF25-2.8) lost it's oil.  I'm a far cry from a mechanic but it appears there is a leak based on the small puddle of oil under the unit.  There is no oil in the reservoir for the dipstick and there is some white froth on the dipstick.  The oil is only on the deck and not much of that really, so it wasn't a high pressure side leak. If anyone has suffered through this would you please relate to me what your problem was so I could be better informed?  I plan on calling a repair facility on Monday, there are several Factory Authorized service centers here in West Palm Beach Florida.  

Peggy was heartbroken over this, though she seems in better spirits today.  I'm hopeful that she will trust the boat again.

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