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Hi Mark,
We used Frigoboat W35F for the aft box and is using it primarily as Fridge, however we also used it as Freezer during our first Atlantic crossing. The forward box is equipped with an W50F compressor and is working as freezer. Additional to the compressors are one control unit that manage both compressors and one circulation pump that takes the cooling water from the water tank. We had two stainless steel pipes with treads for nuts on the top that been inserted through new drilled holes on top of the tank just aft of the washing machine. Length of the pipes, do not remember but intake pipe was ending 10 cm from the bottom of the tank and the return mounted 30 cm away was ending 25 cm from the bottom of the tank.
It is an easy installation has proven very reliable since installed 2008. We carry one circulation pump and one control unit as spare parts.
We reduced our power consumption with more than 50% after installation was completed. We also re-insulated the forward box to increase power efficiency. 
We bought the equipment from Frigoboat, you find it on the web.
Please feel free to come back if you have further questions.

Best regards,

Ann-Sofie and Jonas

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The original equipment on our Amel was Frigoboat, Air Cooled Condensing Unit, AV35F The unit and parts can be purchased from:   or



Parts, support and replacement components are readily available from these web sites.




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Ann-Sofie & Jonas,


Could you please provide me with the information of the parts you used to upgrade your freezer and where you bought them?  


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