Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Eumenia Mini 5500 Dishwasher Parts

Leopold Hauer

Hi Steve

I talked to Schabauer this morning. Your Timer is not available any more.
Could you check  if you have an EATON ( white ) timer or a Siemens ( metallic and brown ).
Schabauer says that EATON usuall doesnt fail. What is the exact failure of the dishwasher?


SM 69  Yin Yang

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Hi Drew,

Thanks for the info.  I fear you're spot on with your prognosis regarding the days of dishwashers on board SMs being numbered.  With a "manufacture discontinued" product, the parts are essentially now made out of "Unobtainium". 

I've struggled with the reality that I could go to a lot of trouble and expense replacing the timer, only to discover the dishwasher still doesn't work.  Even if it does solve the present problem, it's only a matter of time until the next unavailable part fails.

I'll wait to see what Leo can find out tomorrow, but maybe it's time to accept the inevitable.

Steve Constantine
s/v Summer Love
SMM #340

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