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Hi Leo,

Thank you so much for your help on this.

I'm fairly sure it's an Eaton timer.  It is white and the manufacturer's part number is:  EC 4692.01 A 01 220/240V 50HZ T.70 6-00-36.

The dishwasher worked when I left the boat on the hard. When I returned 6 months later,  it would not work. 

It's been a while since I did this trouble shooting, so I may not be completely accurate in my recollection. I'm also not an appliance repair tech, so I was just trying to narrow things down using logic.  I don't know if the timer is the culprit, but this is the sequence of steps I took that made me suspect it could be:

1. When it was turned on and the lid closed, the lamp lit, the water inlet valve operated, water began to fill the tub, the circulation pump did NOT turn on, the water inlet valve closed when the tub water was at operating level, and the heating element turned on.  The circulation pump did not operate at any stage.  

2. Using the schematics (Tafel 7) and timer sequence table (Tafel 8) on Siete 14 and 16 of the Eudora Soba docs, I disconnected circulation pump motor (M1) and confirmed that it operated on 220V 50HZ AC in stand-alone mode. 

3. After reconnecting it, I confirmed the door switch (TS) was operational, power was present at terminals A3 and A12 (i.e both sides of the winding for the circulation pump M1), and the capacitor on M1 was not shorted or open. 

4. I then bridged terminal A3 to A1, thereby bypassing contact "c" on timer switch 1, and circulation pump M1 operated.  I concluded from this there was either an open in the path from A3 to timer switch 1, an open from timer switch 1 contact "c" to terminal A1, or a failure of timer switch 1 to close the path through contact "c". 

Since all 3 of those possibilities are inside the program timer, I suspected that as the defective part.

That said, I'd be elated if they tell me I'm wrong, and there's another available (and hopefully cheaper) part that's at fault.  :-)

Thanks again Leo,

Steve Constantine
s/v Summer Love
SMM #340

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