Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] keel painting


Hi Eric,

Most any of the better paint/coating companies, such as
INTERLUX, make specific coatings for keels. As the SUPER
MARAMU has an IRON keel (not steel! Iron) the absolute most
important parts of any repair/refinishing is to be sure the
solvents in the new coatings don't "melt" the old coatings,
cut into the old coatings until there is solid adhesion of
the old coatings to the keel, and MOST IMPORTANT, apply the
solvent wash and the primer within minutes of
blasting/grinding the metal clean and bright. Not within an
hour as the directions say, minutes. The reason is iron
starts to oxidize in air immediately. Even some
micro-oxidation will make your re-coating job fail early. I
know from sad experience that this is true. Blast/grind,
solvent wash, coat. As quick as you can do it. Get

By the way, if you get the current INTERLUX catalogue,
that's me on the cover in the orange shirt!

All the best,
AMEL 54, Hull # 14 - "HOLLIS"

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