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The recent, 1989 onward, Amel boats are designed not to need a zinc on the prop. Again, this is by design. Jeff, ask the marina manager if he knows about the Amel  D.C. electrical system. Ask him if he knows it is a full floating/full return system. Ask him if he knows that the entire driveline is isolated from everything else electrical when it is not in use. He is unfamiliar and bound to lead you astray.


I harp and preach on this all the time, to my own detriment. Nobody likes to be scolded and most of us do not appreciate being told what to do. When it comes to your Amel, don’t guess. Make sure you are absolutely certain that any change you make, no matter how small, is the right thing to do. There is more than enough wide ranging expertise on this site that we are blessed to be able to rely on. Use it. Be careful. Question change, it is not always your friend.


Kent’s boat is a special case. The original owners subjected it to some tribulations which compromised the entire drive line. When Kent paid good money to have the boat repowered, the folks who did it didn’t think much of the electrical isolation system on the original motor so they did not re-install and neglected to make any mention to Kent. Not Kent’s fault, but he sure has paid for it in money and precious time.


This kind of thing happens all the time, it is called ’the not invented here syndrome’. If a tradesman doesn’t recognize something or is unfamiliar, it can’t possibly be any good until he changes it back to what HE is familiar with. Again, it happens all the time. I am sure Olivier Beaute can tell you even more stories about Amel boats he has surveyed that were ‘improved’ so poorly that they  more than mildly dangerous. Having sold hundreds of second hand Amel’s, several many times over, I have seen things that make me want to put my head in my hands…


Think. Question. Resist advice from people not deeply familiar with your boat. Derick, good for you on getting a silver ref electrode. This is the best way to be sure.


I’ll step off my soap box now…


Have fun with your Amel boats everybody!


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