Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Found: Lost RPPM

Jay Jones <selector6501@...>

wastegate regulates pressure, be careful or you will
launch the head through the engine room hatch. Of
course you can water or propane inject a diesel and as
long as the head bolts hold up you can keep cranking
out horses but I worry about the 90 degree gear box
that is the amel drive.

--- agav8ter <> wrote:

Hello all,

Been a while since I have been able to get on the
web. A while back
I was asking if everyone that had the Volvo TMD22
and the Amel
Autoprop had trouble getting their engines to rev up
to the published
max RPM in the manual.

Well I found my missing RPM, and it was not the prop
(although I
still think that the prop is overpitched for the

I removed the turbo and of course it was plugged
solid with carbon
and "coke". I soaked the exhaust side in brake
fluid for three days
and then got a wrench on the intake side of the
turbine wheel and
started to work it back and forth. After about 30
minutes of this
the wheels where loose enoung to spin freely. I put
it all back
together and took WORLD CITIZEN out for a spin.
Results: before max
RPM 1800, after max 3,000. I feel that if I adjust
the wastegate
actuator I could get more RPM and power. Speed went
from about 6 kts
to a measured 8.6 kts. I am very pleased!! Of
course, now I will
start complaining about the increased fuel
Downside .... after I put it together and deciding
to run it, I left
the heat shield off so I could better watch for
leaks. Then I took
her out to sea and ran her hard. Of course as I
came back to my
mooring at a sedate idle all was well until I went
to put her in
neutral. Oopps, no neutral, no reverse. The
shifting cable had
layed back across the hot side of the turbo and
melted itself. Oh
well at least I was going slow and did not hit
anyone or burn

Enjoy your Amel's,
SM #266

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