Autohelm Raymarine Linear Type 2

Giovanni TESTA



Hi to all,


after 11 years ( Atlantic and South Pacific Passages) before Indian passage I decided to check my Autohelm Raymarine Linear Type 2 on my SM 428-2004.

It was working properly. (more I have a new one as spare on board)

At Boat Lagoon, Phuket, It was possible to service it with support of Octopus Electrical Service_Raymarine Dealer.

When opened it looked like new. I asked to remove the carbon brushes and we found inside the engine about 2 spoons and more of very dirty carbon dust. That means electrical problems and in the next future “ no rudder” on display:

We replaced also the belt (good), as I had a new one as spare.

So, if in doubt, have a sharp look at your brushes.

Fair winds

Giovanni TESTA



Ao Chalong Bay

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