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eric freedman

Go it.

Thanks Bill



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Yes I received the drawings. I have not looked at them yet because I do not have a large screen available for two more days.

The grease seal on the manual main mast furler began leaking oil.  Just a small amount on the deck near the aft side of the main. I thought it was the outhaul gearbox leaking, but the wind apparently blew the oil as it fell. There is a seal that gets full exposure to UV where you attach a winch handle to manually furl the main. We replaced it and now I have a koozie (beer or coke insulator) over it.

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I was saving this message. On the reread I do not understand it.

Did you get the brake drawing and photo?

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When I returned to Turkey in 2013 after my surgery,  I had the same leak. I was in no condition to do any work and I had Emek do it while they were doing the antifouling. I can't tell you what they did, but I can tell you and everyone how to avoid it.

According to Emek, the seal deteriorates because of UV. Cut a foam koozie that you use to keep a can drink cold to size...the diameter is perfect, you need to cut the length.  Use t he kind of koozie that is enclosed on the bottom.  Works perfect.

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hopefully this link works.


Yes. This is the main sail furler (in mast). 


Anyone knows who makes this unit? Assuming I am able to get it apart to service, I will probably need parts. And, perhaps the manufacturer has an exploded parts diagram online ~wishful thinking.






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The dropbox link is not working.


I have not experienced a furler gear leak on the Genoa, but have heard that some owners experience grease dripping on the deck that comes from the grease that is between the fore stay and the foil. Joel Potter wrote a bout this to the Group. I found this, "It is normal. It's the grease put on the head stay to lube the furler foil do e at Amel. If the grease stops, time to probably replace the rigging as it usually happens at 13-17 years."


I think there was a more detail response, but I could not find it, and I do not know if this is what you are experiencing on CreamPuff





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Hi All,


I have had a leak in the gear unit of the mainsail furling unit (please click link to open pictures). This has become steadily worse and now I need to do something about it.


Has anyone serviced this unit?????


I have removed the four allen bolts on the black cap (where winch is inserted) but this does not give me access to anything. I did not see any seals or gaskets.


It looks like the unit needs to be removed from the mast by the four bolts through the mast and disconnected somehow from the internal furling. I am not sure if the unit will drop down once the motor is removed. It made be firmly attached to the furler.  There are four allen bolts on the lower side (assuming the unit detaches) that look like the unit would then break into two parts.


Does anyone have a diagram for this? I have no idea what I am about to get into.


Any suggestions welcome.






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