Iridium Sat. Phone

Gary Wells

Hello,  I know this is off topic of our boats, but I am working with an Iridium 9575 (Extreme) and an Iridium Axcess Point router ((WiPipe) and they are giving me geek-fits tonight.

Wondering if anyone is using or has used this combo to put WiFi aboard and if I might spell out the challenge I'm looking at for further review.  The devices are current firmware, properly registered, fully charged and both work independently; I can make/take calls, send texts on the phone and I can access the Router via local WiFi for setup options.  The stumper is when the router is connected to the phone by USB; the phone registers "USB Cable Connected" for about 3 seconds, then says "USB Cable Disconnected" and there is no way to dial out to establish a data connection.  The weirdest part isthat the phone indicates it is now having its battery charged from the Axcess Point router.  I'm pretty sure that's not quite right :)  I have used multiple cables, and have started from 'scratch' in configuring the phone but the symptoms are unchanged. 
If anyone has run this path before, I'd certainly appreciate any coaching or troubleshooting ideas. 


Gary W.

S/V Adagio

SM 209

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