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Hi Olivier,

Still looking at the bonding and came across the below.  Do you know should there be a bilge strap on a Maramu 46.  The keel is bolted so I presume it should be bonded.  As far as I can determine there is not copper strap in the deep bilge.

Thanks again

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Hi gary,

the cast iron ballast, on a Sharki, is dropped Inside the GRP keel, glued with polyester, and isn't held with bolts. It should never touch the water and isn't bonded.
The bonding point that Dieter searches can be the engine body, or the top of the rudder shaft in the aft cabin.
There aren't so many items to bond in a Sharki, but, for instance, the through hull and seacock for the WC must be bonded (a wire connecting the seacock to the engine body or to the rudder shaft).

Al the best.

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Hi Dieter:

I know nothing about Sharki construction, but just wanted to verify that the copper bar that connects the keel bolt of a SM (iron keel encased in epoxy paint envelope and hopefully with minimal salt water exposure), is part of the bonding system, not part of the AC grounding system.  I would guess that the Sharki keel is connected to the bonding somewhere.  Olivier, what say you?

Gary Silver
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