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Tinley Electronics ( in the UK is
the authorized repair depot. They will repair or rebuild aything.

Email "Sarah Pidgley" <>


BeBe 387
Just completed a haul out at MIYY, Malta

On 5/11/15, Steve Davis [amelyachtowners]
<> wrote:
Hi Peter,

My SM is also a 1992, and for now the B&G instruments are working.
both of my multi function displays were difficult to read, and the
were not working well. I took them out, and sent them to Myles
in Deland, Florida for repair.

Myles is British gentleman, and has been repairing B&G equipment for
than 20 years in his one man shop. He is very knowledgable, and has a lot
old spares which no one else has. Just about everyone in the USA,
dealers, send old B&G equipment to Myles for repair. He was able to
both LCDs and get the buttons working in mine for about $200.00 U.S. Also,
have seen our B&G processors or EBay several times in the last year.

With that said, our B&G instruments are very old, and I assume they will
fail sometime during our planned 10 year circumnavigation. We purchased a
Raymarine I70 multifunction display system pack for about $1200.00. It
consist of a thru-hull combination speed/temp/depth transducer, mast head
wind, and the display. At our haul out recently, we installed the hull
transducer, and I installed the wind transducer at the top of mizzen. The
I70 has a very nice display, and it integrates everything you need into
display. Also the new Ray equipment is NEMA 2000 compatible, it
easily with my newer Raymarine autopilot, and with my new Vesper Marine
It is also easy to add other Ray instruments with one cable off the NEMA
2000 backbone.

I'm keeping my B&G equipment, but now have a complete backup should it
decide to expire of old age. Should you decide to go this route, you will
amazed by how functional these new displays are.

Steve and Liz
Aloha SM72
St Augustine, FL for a few more weeks

On May 11, 2015, at 08:21, [amelyachtowners]
<> wrote:


I got the B&G instruments, transducers and sensors and the Hydra 330
installed on my SM (build 1992). The processor does no longer work and
after calling into B&G UK, I learned that there is no replacement or

Did someone in this group found a solution which keeps the sounders and
sensors and the instruments (or parts of it) or is it mandantory to
them all away and just install something new?

Thanks for your help,

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