Santorin Sloop - Experiences and facts?

hrkaptajn <museum@...>

Hi All,

I'm currently considering buying a 1991 Amel Santorin sloop after
having looked for Maramu/Santorins for some time. Now, I'm wondering
about the sloop rig - is it just a ketch without the mizzen mast or is
the sloop ring taller or with a larger mainsail?

Does anyone have experiences with the sloop rig? Is it as effecient as
the ketch or better? Does the sloop-Santorin have the same balance in
the sailplan?

Or is it a handicapped ketch for people that do not want to fiddle
with a mizzen sail?

Any experiences, points of view or actual facts about the sloop rig
will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Lars, Denmark

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