Re: VHF Intermittent

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Hi Duane and Peg,

I have the Raymarine 230E VHF, and found that the gradual UV-induced deterioration of the cockpit microphone cord over the years necessitated its replacement.  I also discovered that the MMSI number change I needed to do as a new owner could only be done by Raymarine in Manchester New Hampshire.  

Because I live in northern Massachusetts, I disconnected the main unit (after labelling all the attachment wires with color-coded tape!) and brought it back with me and got it serviced in New Hampshire.  While the technician at RayMarine was reprogramming the MMSI number, I also paid for a check of all systems and he found something to repair on one of the output circuits - one of the three outputs was apparently not functioning.  He also reprogrammed the unit (which is of European purchase, hence the 'E' in 230E) to be able to access both US and European channels. 

 I purchased from the Raymarine people 2 replacement microphone cords, (one for cockpit use, one for Nav station use) which I ended up installing myself - not too complex a job.  The VHF works as expected again.

If it is not the microphone cord itself, you may want to try shifting the microphone chord to an alternate outlet.

Hope this helps,

Derick Gates

SM2K#400 Brava
Currently in Sapphire Beach Marina, St. Thomas,USVI

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