Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Santorin Sloop - Experiences and facts?


Hello Lars,

I am the AMEL associate for the Americas for nearly 25 years
and I have sailed on and sold several Santorins, ketch
mainly, a couple of sloops. The main mast is stepped to the
same spot, the boom is longer and the mast height is the
same. The sloop has a 30 square meter main and a 60 square
meter jib. The ketch has a 26 square meter main, 52 square
met jib and a 13 square meter mizzen. The ketch is much
more pleasant to sail and has better balance once off the
wind 50 º++. The ketch goes to weather the same angle as
the sloop, just not quite as quick as the mizzen is useless
under 50º apparent and just adds drag. Off the wind, the
ketch is much faster. The ketch offers more sail
combinations to match different wind and sea conditions.
The mizzen is a fine place to mount your radar, the mizzen
boom a fine thing to lift outboards and dive gear.

In my experience, the sloop is much more difficult to resell
and sell for at least 15% less than an equivalent ketch.

The Super Maramu was more than 2 times as popular as the
Santorin and is, truly much easier to sail (electric
winches) and twice as comfortable. If you choose to afford
one, it's a better (and more expensive) boat.

That said I would take either model of the Santorin over any
similar sized sailing yacht, but the ketch is a better boat.

Not that I ever have an opinion about anything, mind you…

Good luck with you AMEL search. Super Maramus priced in
Dollars are attractive values for Europeans these days, but
I don't wish to commercialize this very valued owners group
so contact me directly if I can be of service at

Best regards,
Joel F. Potter
AMEL 54, Hull # 14 - HOLLIS

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