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Hi Bob

Good to hear from you. The prop shaft should be changed every 800
hours. When you bought the boat from me the prop shaft had been
changed less that 50 hours before. You should have detailed shaft
drawings on board. Also, if the u drive oil resevoir looks like there
is a milkshake in it its time to change it.

1- Drain the shaft oil from the drain plug.

2- Remove the prop

3-Remove the bearing by lossening the allen nut and pulling it out.
Note the orientation of the rubber gaskets.

4- Replac the bearing with a new one making sure that the rubber
gaskets are in the same orientation as the old ones. put bck prop and
fill with oil. This is a good time to service the prop.

Thats pretty much it. Its not a complicated job. Much simpler than
replacing an outdrive bearing.

Hope this helps. I will e-mail you an update on my travels.




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Can anyone give a detailed description as how the prop bearings are
pulled and replaced. My boatyard mechanic is reluctant to do this as
he has not worked on Amels Drive before.
Vito, I believe you did this a while ago? How are things going? I
you made it to the other side so far, drop me an email with your
adventures "bob@..."

Thanks for any info
Minaxi SM6

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