Prop shaft bearing

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello all,
I entered prop shaft bearing in the search box and read many previous
references without finding the one I wanted. The detailed description
just posted is excellent but a long time ago someone suggested that to
remove the old oil seals you should drill a small hole either side and
then screw in two long screws which will make it easy to pull each
seal out.
It works!! The bronze bit is called a wearing ring by Amel because it
is not a bearing but merely a device to seal the oil in and the water
out. Before fitting a new one I had a local machine shop make me
another as a spare as the dimensions are not all that critical since
it is only an O ring holder. Someone also suggested that when the
puller is in place on the prop and really tight a couple of taps with
a hammer will make the prop break free. It worked for me.

Regards, John SM 319

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