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On our '80 Maramu we gave up on the small camp gas bottles and
installed aluminum propane bottles in the locker on the back deck.
The locker was already vented. A long propane hose was run through
the inside of the boat along the port side to the galley. Holes were
drilled in the top corner of each aft cabin and head locker the holes
passed through. Appropriate sized, clear water hose was wire tied
around the propane hose when it passed through a hole. A propane
solenoid cutoff switch was installed in the galley and it's duplex,
shielded wire followed the same route. Goop the hole at the locker
with silicon. Also, use a short, 3-foot propane hose to go from your
long hose to the bottles. If you have any chaffing problems,
replacing this short hose is easier and cheaper than the longer one.
The hose looked odd when first installed in empty lockers. As you
fill the boat with supplies for your cruise you'll never notice or
think about the it again.

The back locker easily holds aluminum, upright bottles with lots of
room for 2-cycle oil, etc. We have two 10# bottles and one 20# which
gives us about 6-month supply for our 3-burner Force 10 stove - almost
all meals and some baking onboard. All through the Carib. and the S.
Pacific to Australia we have never had a problem with special fittings
for American style gas valves.

An interesting part of our cruising log is a record of what we were in
the process of cooking when the bottle ran out of gas. Looking
through this record brings such fond memories as almost ready morning
coffee on a chilly rainy day.


Carl Strange
S/V Enchante
(Hi Joel!)

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