Re: H6 AutoProp Overhaul Instructions/Parts Info Posted in Files Section

Andrew & Kate Lamb


Whilst our boat was on the dry and after the normal greasing of the auto-prop H6, I noticed that one of the blades doesn't turn as easily as the other two also when I push the grease through the central cap it doesn't come out the side blade grease hole like the other two. I have stripped it down and the ball races, seals and central removable bearings all seem ok the only difference that I can find is what seems to be another bearing I don't think one that can be changed which seems more tightly fixed into the blade in the "bad" blade than the other two. Also I am able to turn by hand the inner side of the bearing on the two "good" blades. It does not look like this bearing can be removed easily in any of the blades but on the "good" blades if I syringe white spirit through the side blade grease hole it trickles through behind this bearing where as I can't get any white spirit through in the "bad" blade side grease hole. When I put it all back together the "bad" blade feels marginally stiffer than the other two. The lips seals seems fine on all of the blades. 

I wondered if anyone had knowledge or experience enough to know whether I should be too concerned about one of the blades being slightly stiffer than the other two and thoughts / advice on what to do next?





SM2k 472

Canet en Roussillion, France

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