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Interestingly I didn’t see that file but in fact in the end, having exhausted many other attempts to get the race out, this is what I had to do to get the bearing race out – see my previous post – I drilled a small carefully positioned hole above where the inner bearing sits but below where the cap comes down to through to underneath the race – also opposite the grease entry point so that grease shouldn’t bypass the main channel through the central bearing.  Through this I was able to use a center punch to push the race out – it was not easy though this race split because it came out unevenly and I didn’t want to drill more than one hole – I then  required a metal chisel to get the rest out (the chisel was a written off by the end)  – because it was an exact fit to the channel rather than the correct race with is 1 mm smaller, the whole process was really difficult.


My dilemma now is whether to block this hole with resin just in case grease short cuts through it. Not sure at the moment. I am going to discuss in any case with Bruntons as this autoprop was clearly not correctly assembled in the first place.






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The file named AutoProp Maintenance & Overhaul/AutoProp Inner Race Removal Questionable procedure.PDF was deleted by me from the added files. I mistakenly added it to the files section in the folder "AutoProp." That folder, BTW, has some very good information. I was also wrong when I said that Eric sent me that file. Now, I am not sure who sent it, but it was not Erik (Kimberlite).


This deleted file suggested the drilling of the hub of the AutoProp to help remove the inner race. Since that hub and the area inside the hub is filled with grease, I am sure this is not a good solution. I did not want to be responsible for someone following that procedure.


If anyone should want that file, let me know at svbebe"at" and I will email it to you.



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Eric (Kimberlite) sent me some files regarding AutoProp to upload.


One of them was AutoProp Maintenance & Overhaul/AutoProp Inner Race Removal Questionable procedure.PDF


After viewing that file I deleted it because I believe it is a very questionable procedure and would not want to be the cause of someone using it.



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