message from delivery captain input


Hi all -

Wondering if anyone could chime in on this message received from my delivery captain... I am headed to Bermuda to meet the boat in a little over a week.

"Bill we found that to elements have failed over the last five days sailing in a breeze. One, the head sail furler has an issue. The drive plate that attaches to the motor appears to have seared it's bolts and will not drive the roller. ( Amel/Riza will want know,) This is not a pin failure but the plate under it, the one it engages.). We've got a fix working for now using a line crossed to the mast winches. The other is the car on the mizzen boom. The ball bearing have come free and it binds. I've rigged a work around for it now. You do need a car it is an Antal car for 27 mm track. See if you can find another and bring it to Bermuda.
It would be helpful if you brought a detail drawing of the head sail fuller to Bermuda. We shall shall run as we are the rest of the way.  It appears strong and safe."

Thanks as always for the help. So far this forum has been nothing but beneficial to me as a new owner.



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