Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] How do you replace the prop shaft seals on a Amel 55

Bob Grey

Hi guys, had the boat delivered to Auckland, as there was a direct freighter from Belgium. Sailed in four legs over 3 weeks to Melbourne. Auckland - Opua - lord Howe island - Sydney - Melbourne.

The boat sailed beautifully, only 3 days were what you might call interesting with 30 knots and 5 meter swells just after rounding the top of NZ. Top speed was 13.5 knots average about 7.5 knot for the trip due to light winds.

The displacement hull speed peaks at about 9-9.5 knots then you start to surf which is a bit scary thus the 13.5 knot top I recorded on my gps log.

The yard had apprehensions as my two crew had never sailed before and the handover was short due to the freighter delays. Had two days to learn the boat and 2 calm days before the serious winds and waves in the Tasman Sea. My previous boat was a 42' 17 ton Fero cement center cockpit ketch so there were no surprises on handling. Compared with that old sea cow, the amel 55 was a pure delight. I am still enamoured with her but can't compare her to the previous amel hulls

Bob Grey
Renaissance III

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