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Olivier Beaute

good morning William,

I'm very busy today but I will answer you with details tonight.
Could you remind me your hull number?

Have a good day.


On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 12:05 AM, "seafeverofcuan@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

     Go back and read the message from Olivier Beaute. There is no one world wide with the understanding, knowledge and experience of Olivier regarding Amel.
Those of us fortunate enough to have met him when he worked for Amel hold him in the highest esteem and regard.
His posting to you suggests  the hub and or, the plate where the bolts have sheared would most likely require removal.
I can't imagine how that could be done without releasing the forestay.
Oliver states that it is likely Bebe and Seafever have been modified since your boat was built and therefore are different.
It sounds from your postings, that your delivery skipper is very competent and likely correct in his assumption
 Should you have to remove the forestay, then you may consider refilling the foil with grease and carefully checking the Amel fitting at the top of the foil where it meets the mast.


Seafever of Cuan
SM 425 Redline
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