Jib furling Rivets - Bolts


On S/Y Lady Annila we have changed the genoa to a slighter heavier and bigger one than original. The positive consequeses are many but thedraw back is that we had to change the rivets very often cause they broke. After a while the drilled holes in the fore stay profile, has grown too big and we needed a solution. As we were in Caribbean we sailed to Amel in Martinique. They told us that they now a days when servicing the genoa furler they changed the rivets for bolts.
We decided to follow their suggestion and bought the spareparts. They were not cheap 17 Euro each. But the fitting was perfect so we suspect that they are special made by Amel for the purpose.

I have made an album in the Photo section:  Jib furling Rivets - Bolts where you can see both the bolts with measurements and how we mounted them.

Since we changed we have sailed from Caribbean to Portugal, last 12 hours with reach to broad reach winds of 50+ knots. No problem at all with the bolts. We only have to tighten them every now and then, and especially after a hard sail.

BUT this solution demands more care when furling the genoa in since the forces can be heavy. The rivets where made to brake to avoid damages of the furler and that safety is reduced with the bolts.

Please see Photo section and Album: Jib furling Rivets - Bolts


Annsofie & Jonas

S/Y Lady Annila SM232, 1998
Present in Portimão, Portugal

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