Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] No AC From Onan to AC Panel - SM

Jim Anderson

Alexandre, Bill, Mike, Andrew and Mr. Olivier BEAUTE, Problem solved, thanks to each of you.

Indeed Alexandre, it was the breaker on the aft end of the generator which tripped due to (my) user error and lack of knowledge the existence of this item. Bill, thanks for following up with your second reply as, per Mike’s consideration I did not know why the breaker opened until learning that the dishwasher draws 11A when heating.  I hadn’t used mine in three years and was running it through a cycle at the time after a thorough scrubbing.  Olivier, thank you for the easy-to-understand troubleshooting advice and reminder of the system logic. I always start the generator with all 220V panel breaker-switches off/open and allow the unit to warm up for about a minute before applying a load. Before shutdown I again open/turn off all of the switches and let the unit cool down for a couple of minutes before shutting it down. Hopefully this will prolong the life of the solenoid. Thanks everyone for your kind assistance.


SM384 Sirena Azul

At anchor (with AC power available) near Indianola, WA

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