Re: Maramu forestay removal

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I don't have experience with the Maramu, however I have removed the
forestay on our Super Maramu. There is a plastic spacer at the
bottom of the foil that must be removed before pulling the forestay
out. Once this is removed the forestay comes out with very little
force. I suspect that the setup on the Maramu is similar.

Don Myers
SM160 Harmonie

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I have removed the main to paint and re rig on 1985 Maramu hull #
All is apart except I am having difficulty getting the forestay out
the furling tube. I have tied the base to a tree and have pulled
on the
eye (top end) with a come-a-long up to about 800 pounds or so, (my
guess) and nothing has moved. Thinking corrosion in the tube
the plastic (or nylon) spacers (the gadjets that keep the wire from
touching the inner tube wall) I have poured wd-40 and mineral
down the tube. Still it won't budge. Has anyone got some
with this job. Maybe I am overlooking something simple
(or stupid). Need help as am afraid of hurting the furling tube and
compounding my problems.
We had hoped to sail to the Med this May/June, but will postpone
next year as my time estimates on getting the boat ready have proven
to be somewhat naive.

Ken Coats & Judy Golden
SV Golden Daze
Maramu #192

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