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Andrew & Kate Lamb


I think the thin line protruding from the slot at the top of the mast will be attached to the traveller that runs up and down the furling foil – the substantial halyard then attaches to the upper side of this – on our mast there is a black bolt that protrudes also through the slot that is attached to the traveller that I suppose maintains the traveller orientation during furling. You would want to attach a line either to the thin line or the protruding bolt to pull down the traveller.



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Today on a beautiful reach from St. Thomas to Culebra the mainsail halyard let go.  Over the course of a few minutes the sail slowly slid down the track in the roller reefing, and we were forced to pull it down fully and wrap it over the boom and secure it with lines - not an easy job with vertical battens!

The fabric loop at the head of the mainsail is intact, and we can see a thin line protuding from the slot at the top of the mast.  Am I right in assuming that this line had been used to fasten the much more substantial internal halyard to the head of the mainsail, and the knots used by the original rigger had let go from the head of the sail? Just want to know what to expect before going all the way up the mast to attempt to pull the halyard down by hand.  At the other end of the line, I assume I will have to attach a temporary extension on the infamous Amel short halyard - any suggestions on what knot/splicing technique to use that will fit through the internal halyard space without getting hung up internally?  I assume that the splice does NOT need to go through the shive at the top  of the mast, because the internal halyard should be the length of the luff.

Am I missing anything involved in recovering main halyard function?


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