Bowthruster does not rise far enough on Super Maramu

Mark Pitt

A couple of days ago I did some work on the bow thruster that involved
partly removing the motor as well as changing the seals and the oil in
the bow thruster prop assembly. I have it all back together now but I
cannot get the whole thing to ascend far enough to put the safety pin
in place unless someone stands under the boat (it is on the hard) and
pushes up with some force. Before this maintenance, I could insert
the safety pin judge by pulling lightly on the cable. How can I adjust
things so that I can get the motor to rise a small amount more so that
I can insert the safety pin? There were two spongy seals on between
the prop assembly and the hull, so I replaced them with two new seals.
Could two seals be the source of the problem?

Mark Pitt
"Sabbatical III" ASM #419

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