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Ian Shepherd

Hi Alexandre,

my SM2K was fitted (by Amel) with a 1600W Crystec inverter. I am not certain of the spelling? Help please Olivier! The Dutch firm Victron have a good reputation once again after some problems, so you might want to check them out too. I would avoid cheap Chinese models. A friend bought one and he was unable to interface his GPS into his laptop due to the very high noise levels that the inverter was sending down the 240V wiring. Noise can also affect your Navtex and SSB reception too.

Sorry about your inverter mishap. Mine got very wet once too after a HP hose failure some years ago, but I cleaned it and it has worked perfectly ever since. Another good reason to put plastic piping over the hose connectors to limit the spray.

Your tech might have said the hoses were in good condition but did he unscrew the connectors and inspect for corrosion? Stainless connectors are worth the extra cost.

Ian Shepherd SM2K Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

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Good morning,

Last weekend, went sailing/fishing, used the water maker and the high pressure hose failed (at the exit of the water pump). Look like water reach the ceiling…
I was particularly upset as I had it checked in Fort Lauderdale, the technician changed the membrane but said the hoses were good and I should keep the ones I ordered as spare…

Thankfully my 2 battery chargers were not damaged, but the inverter was…
First lesson: if I think the hose has to be changed and expert says no, I will change them anyway as the collateral damage and cost could be many times over the cost of the hoses…

So here is the question:
I have the Statpower Prosine 1800i (230 Volt) with the Interface Panel.
I don’t think this is an Amel original equipment, but was added by the previous owner.

Which inverter do you have or recommend and why? (only asking for inverter - not charger/inverter).

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Alexandre

Taino Beach Marina, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.

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