Raymarine repair and Raymarine refurbished instruments


The following is a recommendation for Raymarine repair and refurbish service. Since Raymarine has decided to charge flat-rate new prices equal to new prices for repair, I thought you would like to know of an alternative.

Several of us have recently had good experience with Dan Gerhardt

dan"at"mydurango.net repairing Raymarine products and/or buying refurbished Raymarine instruments.

He has successfully rebuilt at least two course computers that other Raymarine technicians brutalized. One of these computers was for me, the other for Drew Gaffney. In each case, the computers were shipped internationally to and from Dan. Dan's Raymarine technical service and repair is half or less than Raymarine's service depot's prices. He is located in Colorado.

If you need an instrument repaired, a new LCD on an instrument, or want to buy a refurbished product, I highly recommend contacting Dan.


BeBe 387


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