Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] AMEL 54 Bamar Furler


Hi Alex, 

I am the first owner of a 2009 Amel 54 (# 130) and first time contributor to this Forum, although I have been following it for many years.


In 2010 the electronic control boxes (“Boxtron) of the Bamar furlers started behaving erratically. They were later removed by the Amel SAV. Two years later I asked if a replacement was available, but was told that they were still working on it. I then contacted Bamar directly and, after acknowledging the poor reliability of earlier control boxes, they assured me that all issues had been sorted out. However, I am still waiting for a replacement of the Boxtron control boxes from Amel, but I suppose they have other priorities know.


Apart from that, we have used both furlers extensively (that is in the Med where sail furlers have a lot to do ...) with the “simpler (I suppose electromechanical) control box and never experienced any problems. So far I have never had to replace any parts. Only once did I open the gearbox of both furlers to check the grease.




Mario (S/V “Arethuse”)   

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