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For those of you who have not had the pleasure of changeing the
zincs I thought I would post this message. I have just completed
the awful task on my supermarmu #369 "CALLISTO".
You will need:
1. Small phillips srewdriver
2. Staigth edge screwdriver
3. Pen or tape to mark hoses and electrical wires. (mark everything)
4. Small bucket
5. 13 mm box end wrench
6. 13 mm rachet drive
7. Rags
8. Time (4 hrs)
9. Patients

1. Disconnect from shore power, throw hot water breaker off (220v
circuit), turn off water pump (24v circuit)
2. Drain water using the release valve on the hot water outlet (the
bottom hose). It may not drain all of the water.
3. Disconnect cold water inlet and hot water outlet. Stand back
there will be more water.
4. Disconnect from the hot water heater the two hoses coming from
the engine. You will need to catch the fluid in a small bucket or
you will have a mess that you can not get to.
5. Disconnect the two bands securing the heater in place (disconnect
the stern side). You can now raise the empty heater (about 40 pounds)
to a horizontal level. It will wedge in place.
6. Remove the plastic shield form the bottom of the heater.
7. Disconnect all electrical connections.
8. Remove the eight bolts that hold the bottom of the heater in
9. Remove the bottom. It will be a little sticky - pry loose with
screw driver.
10. Inspect the zincs, find that they are still in good shape and
that you have wasted your time. Mine are a year old and still 3/4
11. Put the whole business back together.
12. Clean up the mess.
13. Remember. "there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats" GRAHAME

Peter Pappas

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