Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] THROUGH HULL VALVES MARAMU 186


Hi Mr. Stuller,

Having done refits on more than a dozen AMEL boats over the
years, the one piece of advice I can give you is that if
your holding tanks are stainless steel, THROW THEM AWAY.
They rarely last 15 years and when they don't
want to experience this. The welds corrode from the inside
out and rarely give an indication of immanent failure.

I am all but certain that I obtained the correct thread ball
values in years past from Lewis Marine in Ft. Lauderdale.
It's a "trade only" dealer but they do have a web site at <> . Good

Joel F. Potter
AMEL 54 # 14, HOLLIS

Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas
Phone: 1 (954) 462-5869 Fax: 1 (954) 462-3923

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