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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Steve, I enquired of Amel about repowering from the 80 hp to 110 and was told that the 110 required a different C drive and if the larger motor was used with the same C drive failure would result. Why don't you ask Amel yourself.
Hope this helps.
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We are considering a re-power on our 1992 Perkins Prima 80hp equipped SM. I would prefer the 110hp Yanmar, but have seen on some post, the C drive on the older drives may not be built for the extra horsepower. Any truth to this, or are all SM C drives created equal?  Also, any opinions on whether the extra horsepower is all that beneficial with this boat. What special considerations do I need when ordering the new Yanmar? For example, gearbox type and ratio. 

Thanks in advance for you help, as I'm trying to make a decision in the next couple of days. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Hauled in St Augustine, FL

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