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I just wrote out the step-by-step procedures of using the Dessalator screw-on hose connectors with new HP hose on a 160 Liter water maker installed on a Super Maramu. It is in the FILES section under Miscellaneous and is titled: Dessalator Install HP screw-on Connectors by Bill Rouse.pdf

If you want a link to download the PDF file, it is here:


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The Dessalator 160 Liter water maker has do it yourself (DIY) High Pressure fittings on the hoses. The ends come off and you can install them on new hose with just simple tools.

My experience and my experience in this group tells me these have about a 5 year life as long as they are not exposed to caustic chemicals, overuse of pickling chemicals, or petroleum products. This life is not dependent on use, but age only.

If you happen to go over five years, the salt water spewing in your engine compartment can be very destructive.

The hose on BeBe is marked: 

ZEC VE740000 SAE  100 R7 5/16" Made in Italy 

I am due for replacement and hope to get some soon.

In my case I figure 5 meters is plenty.



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