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Hi John:
Don't be afraid to use your machine!! It will last longer and the membranes
definitely benefit from frequent use. Just be cautious and that the weaknesses
have been illuminated we can take precautions that should prevent further

The control panel can NOT be removed from the galley side without first
detatching multiple items from the back side (the back side is accessed
from the port lazarette in the cockpit). There is a plywood panel on the
forward end of the lazarette that is held in place with two wood screws.
It is removed easily and gives great access to the back side of the
control panel. I will post a picture of this area soon. Clean out the
lazarette a bit and you can lay down comfortably to work.

The electronical box lid is removed by a quarter turn latch in each
corner, and the electrical circuit board with the fuses is in the lid of
the box as it is removed. There is 220 VAC and 24 VDC power in this
box so make sure all breakers are off before working here. I am
not sure where the 24 VDC power comes from. I haven't measured
it with a multimeter but I suspect it is live bus 24 VDC so be careful
not to short anything when checking the fuses. My fuses were all
ok (there are 4).

The documentation from Dessalator is indeed the worst of anything
on our boats. That is why I have been trying to provide it here. I
plan on posting a pdf schematic of the electronics when I get them
fully traced.

From what I can gather if you flush the system with fresh water every
one to two weeks there is no need for the pickling agent. I am in
the process of installing a timer to flush my system automatically every
few days when I am away from the boat. i will post more on that
as I get that project complete.

Bottom line, USE THE SYSTEM.

Best regards, Gary

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Hi Gary,
Thanks for the pics of the guts of the watermaker which seem to be
incredibly complex and it also seems from the website unreliable.
I have not dared to use mine since the recent spate of reports and
have grave doubts about the reliability of the installation. I have
ordered an RDS meter which has yet to arrive but in the meantime I
wonder if one of the fuses have gone. It seems from yor pics that
they are not in the box behind the panel in the galley which does
not want to come out easily. Is this fuse box panel hidden behind
the ply cover to the galley panel in the big cockpit locker? My boat
came with detailed instructions for everything except the intestines
of the watermaker and so I remain in total ignorance of its intimate
parts and maintenance. I do how ever remember Olivier telling me
that we did not have to bother with treating the machine with any
chemicals and should only flush it with product water after use if
it was not going to be used for more than a couple of weeks. We have
followed this advice for four years without any problems but recent
stuff on this site has got me frightened. Anyhow thanks for your
efforts on our behalf.
Best wishes, John SM 319

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