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Stephen Davis

Yep....Yanmar 80 turbo. We are trying to sort out the 2 alternator option, and then get the engine to the yard in St Augustine. With a little luck, we will get North by late July or early August. You probably know better than most how these things can go, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. The boat is ready other than the new motor. 

Aloha Sm72

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I'll be late getting there, too, Steve.  Going to get the electrical problems solved before I go North again.  Still hope to be Cape Cod area by midJuly.

I think you're making the right decision about the engine.  Is it a Yanmar 80HP?  Turbo?

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Thanks Kent. We have decided to go with the 80hp, as I just don't want to risk CDrive issues. I hope you have your electrical gremlins sorted soon, and are back on the water. We still hope to see you up North this summer, but we are going to be a bit late due to the engine issues.

Steve and Liz
Aloha SM72

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