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Kent Robertson

My Volvo never got to maximum rpm until I re-propped, but after re-propping with a prop that was sized and pitched according to a prop shop in Norfolk, it did 7.5 kts at 2800rpm on flat water.  With my 110 Yanmar it does 8.3 kts at 3000rpm on flat water.  Not really significant since I don't run it that hard when motoring or motor sailing while cruising.  At 2200 rpm it pushes the boat at about 6 kts.

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Question to all SM owners
Whats the different between 80 hp and 110 hp
Max Speed for SM is ca 8.5 kn
Independent how much power, the power on the Prop is Important 
I have this speed with clean  boat/Propeller with the Perkins 80 hp Turbo (1990, 3000 h)
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Wise choice Steve..


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Thanks for the info Chris. It looks like 80 hp is the way to go on our older boats due to the Cdrive issues.

Steve and Liz
Aloha SM72

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